131 of 365 – Citrus Crawler

There is a story about a grove of oranges… no, let us back up a bit.

In the land of Kanvala, there is a region called Mierat, consisting mostly of forests and ground vegetation. Mierat is known for brilliantly crafted teas and master calligraphers. Residing in Mierat is the royal house of Bergamot, so named, naturally, because of their monopoly on the Bergamot trees in Kanvala. They were able to secure this monopoly, because they hold captive a dark beast that once roamed the forests. They were able, by use of the cipheric power of written word spells, to capture and seal the beast, and can, theoretically, release it upon whomever they wish. Understandably they get what they want.

And so the creature remains locked away. For now.

128 of 365 – Legend of Regan Sol

The legend goes that once the sun beast, Heltere, came down from the skies, Regan Sol, the leader of Solidad, stepped forth to take him down. Heltere boasted that he could not be destroyed for his mother, the Sun, would restore him, healing any wound he received almost instantly. Regan Sol, being as stubborn as he, covered her body in a protective spell and took him on. The fight raged on, with Regan Sol eventually scoring a blow that knocked the beast out.

From here the legend varies. Some say they were both destroyed. Another tale goes that Regan Sol did die, but a shard lodged itself in her arm, giving her regenerative power and immortality. Another track of this legend states that Heltere was sealed underground and his occasional shifting in his sleep is the cause of earthquakes.

117 of 365 – Magic Bones

“The legend of the dancing bones is different in every region, but there’s a general agreement that somewhere lies as stone that encases the fossilized fin bones of a miniature whale. Combined with a particular incantation, supposedly held in a different location, one would be able to call dancing bones from the sky. I’m aware that little of this statement feels like it holds true, not to mention that the practicality of such a spell seems slight. Nevertheless, it is a popular legend among the people of Kanvala.”

-Excerpt from Diaries of a Myth Researcher

113 of 365 – Cosmic Ram

~From the desk of the semi-animate Master Archivist~

Good day friends! I’ve been under the weather, resting, but am slowly getting back into the archives to extract some gems for you.

This sketch is a bit obscure, but it seems to be a depiction of a person imbued with the power of an astral beast. Our best guess is that this comes from the legend of the lightning fleece.

One member of our crew is currently working on a tale called Woolmancy, which delves more into the details of that particular patch of mythology, and it’s made us all realize that we should cover more mythos here! Look for it in the future.

18 of 365 – Crystal Bell Forest


The Crystal Bell Forest

In the north of the region, lies an old forest. Moss has taken over an ancient battle that most denounce as myth. As the story goes, the leviathan was rampaging through the region. The people fled to the hills, stringing bells along the trees to create a barrier against the leviathan. Bells? To stop an ancient beast? Apparently this did the trick and the villagers were protected. The bells remained throughout the years. Also present under the foliage are statues, boundary markers that light up from time to time… This area bears further research.