Artists’ residencies are EVERYWHERE.

Which is why you would think they would be easy to find. Unfortunately that is not the case! This information is hidden in the depths of the dark heart of the internet. So I decided to make a list of artist residencies in the science fields! Most of these pay for your expenses, but I will be sure to mention those that don’t.


Schmidt Ocean Institute, R/V Falkor – Artist-at-Sea Residency
2-5 weeks, expenses paid

Ocean Exploration Trust, E/V Nautilus – Science Communication Fellowship
1-3 weeks, expenses paid

International Ocean Discovery Program, R/V JOIDES Resolution – Onboard Outreach Officer
8 weeks, expenses paid + stipend

The Arctic Circle, traditionally rigged tall ship – Residency Participant
4 weeks, $5,800USD pays for accommodations and travel (a little less science-focused)

Container Artist Residency 01, ZIM Integrated Shipping Services – Participant
Route determined by artist, expenses paid (a little less science-focused)

Antarctic Artists and Writers Program – AAW Award Recipient
Length negotiated by participant, expenses paid (don’t let the paperwork discourage you. This really is for artists and writers)