What is Blue Cat Co?

I’m Abrian Curington. Founder of Blue Cat Co. publishing/Illustrator/Writer/Fantasy Cartographer/Mentor

I specialize in light-hearted fantasy stories that champion fun, adventure and conquering the obstacles of life. After graduating with a BA in Fine Art from WWU, I started Blue Cat Co., an independent publishing company dedicated to producing fantastical works that give people an escape from the din of the world. No gore, no mature content. Just fun for everyone!

Not only do I make fun books for everyone to enjoy, I can also teach you how to get going with publishing books! It’s not impossible for an average person to become a publisher. Anyone can make it happen with the right tools and mindset!

Not sure where to begin? Worried your project isn’t “good enough” to bother producing? Email me at Abrian@BlueCatCo.com. We’ll chat. Then:

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Ready to join me on a journey? Pop over to the blog page to see what’s being pulled from the archives, or take a look at the stories section to read longer tales.