But… Why?

Good question. Why did I start this website? Why all the light-hearted, all-ages content?!

Well you see…

After graduating with a BA in Fine Art from WWU, I hit the ground running. I’m a list maker and a strategist, so I laid out my business plan… plans. I was going to implement all the business advice I’d gathered from all over into a master strategy.

I had two blog series, a weekly email newsletter, a watercolored webcomic updating four pages a week and 10 months worth of buffer, on top of several social media outlets and was an active moderator in an online art academy. Plus I was offering commissions all in addition to my full-time, low brain power job. But I could handle it! I was doing all the things. Can you guess where it led?

No sales. Now, did I make connections that still benefit me today? Of course. I also made a reputation that I was a prolific, hard worker.

However, I began to feel the effects of hyper-productivity; if I tried to continue in this manner, it would eventually shorten my life. Beyond that (as if that’s not the worst thing), I was always looking forward, rather than enjoying the present! So I quit everything. One at a time, I got down to just my day job. I decided to start fresh with the bare essentials, one project at a time.

I decided to just make simple, visual stories. I wanted everyone to be able to experience them, nothing you’d have to hide from little eyes. I wanted each story to take readers on an adventure that lifts them out of their tired, stressed states. Or to add to the joy they’re already experiencing!

And I needed a place to put these stories and worldbuilding nuggets.

So I made Blue Cat Co.: The place where I sell books that I publish myself, share stories and creative life tips, and help you achieve your goals through services and advice.

Go ahead and pick a destination and start exploring!


I’d also like to know about you! Do you have a project you’re working on? Worried your project isn’t “good enough” to bother producing? Email me at Abrian@BlueCatCo.com. We’ll chat.

Abrian Curington
Abrian Curington
Publisher, Illustrator, Fantasy Cartographer