What is Blue Cat Co?

As alluded to in my little comic, I love exploration and sharing stories, both real and imagined.

I’m both a major nerd and a professional artist, in love with learning. The problem with learning, though, is what to do with the information, once it’s been learned. I saw two choices: Put it into practice, or share what I find out with others. Seeing that I learn a wide variety of things that I could scarcely use in my everyday life, I decided to share!

So I make stories. I want to take readers on an adventure that lifts them out of their tired, stressed states. Or to add to the joy they’re already experiencing!

Blue Cat Co is the place where I collect all of these stories and illustrations!sell books that I publish myself and share stories and creative life tips.

Go ahead and pick a destination in the navigation bar, and start exploring!


I’d also like to know about you! Do you have a project you’re working on? Or just worried your project isn’t “good enough” to bother producing? Email me at Abrian@BlueCatCo.com. We’ll chat.

Abrian Curington
Abrian Curington
Publisher, Illustrator, Fantasy Cartographer