Hello! I'm Abrian Curington, a professional artist, in love with learning. Seeing that I learn a wide variety of things that I could scarcely use in my everyday life, I learn, then share my experiences in the form of books and illustrations. I want to take you on adventures that lift you up and get you excited to explore the wide world around us!

Blue Cat Co is the place where I collect all of my stories and illustrations. Head on up to the triple dashes in the upper right to explore, or read on to learn a bit more about my little corner of the internet:


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More About the Author

I am an illustrator and fantasy cartographer, specializing in light-hearted fantasy stories that champion fun, adventure, and conquering the obstacles of life. After graduating with a BA in Fine Art from WWU, I started Blue Cat Co., an independent publishing company dedicated to producing fantastical works that give people an escape from the din of the world.

Aside from my work with Blue Cat Co., I am a tai chi instructor, and I often go on real-life journeys in nature reserves.

Currently, I am adding more maps and science communication into my work, including publishing a travelogue of my adventure aboard the R/V Falkor.