Style Quest: A Guide to Honing Your Creative Style


Style Quest is a booklet featuring a 26-page comic about my quest for style refinement, followed by 10 pages of information on how you can find or hone your personal creative style.

This booklet was the result of reaching a plateau in my work. I felt like I had something going, but wasn’t sure what it was, where it came from nor what to do to better it. So I went on a quest for style during one of my regularly-scheduled break weeks.

After taking the journey myself and chronicling it in the form of a gag comic, I decided I should share it with others. And why not add some information on how you can go on your own quest while I’m at it?!

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– Printed 5.5″ x7.75″

– Matte-coated, full-color cover

– 40 page black and white interior (36 pages of content)

– 26 page comic and reference material on the style honing process

– Digital Bundle (includes a PDF of the book, a lines-only version of the cover, and a PDF collection of all the blog posts I wrote in the Style Quest series)


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Dimensions 7.75 × 5.5 in


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