Collection – Food

Food is lovely. Gathered here are a few watercolors, digital works and sketches of the wonderful subject.

Collection – Maps

Ink and paint on parchment and digital paintings – Various sizes

A selection of maps I have created on my own or for commission work.

Project – Bellmage

Ink on paper with occasional digital black spotting

This excerpt is from a comic I created, a page at a time, for the month of November 2016. The full story can be read here before it is revamped for print format.

Project – The Gates

Ink and colored pencil on paper – 5in x 5in

These excerpts come from my 2016 Inktober project The Gates.

Also available as a PDF in the Trading Post Shoppe.

Project – Style Quest

This excerpt is from a 26-page comic about my quest for an illustration style that was all my own, after feeling stuck in a rut. It was independently published along with 10 pages of instruction on how you can go on your own quest for style. Available in the Trading Post Shoppe.

Project – Tricon Rugara

Watercolor on Fabriano Softpress paper, digital lines – 5in x 5in each

This is an excerpt from my 14-day project The Tricon Rugara.

Along the Sea

Trading Post Header Web

Winsor and Newton watercolor on Fabriano Softpress paper – 8.5″ x 11″

This glam shot was a test of a new process: Digital rough printed out, straight to traditional inks and scanned, printed on watercolor paper. Lines and colors combined digitally.