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Project – Bellmage

Ink on paper with occasional digital black spotting This excerpt is from a comic I created, a page at a time, for the month of November 2016. The full story can be read here before it is revamped for print format.

Project – Style Quest

This excerpt is from a 26-page comic about my quest for an illustration style that was all my own, after feeling stuck in a rut. It was independently published along with 10 pages of instruction on how you can go on your own quest for style. Available in the Trading Post Shoppe.

Along the Sea

Winsor and Newton watercolor on Fabriano Softpress paper – 8.5″ x 11″ This glam shot was a test of a new process: Digital rough printed out, straight to traditional inks and scanned, printed on watercolor paper. Lines and colors combined digitally.