A font test for the Woolmancy title. If this were an actual book cover, the font would need to be beefed up.

How’s everything going? Have you been enjoying the story of The Phoenix Tree, fresh from the Blue Cat Co archival room?

Project Woolmancy has been underway for a few months now and the first comic pages have been crafted. I wanted to take a moment to talk about the importance of finishing and skill building.

The script for Woolmancy has been edited, rewritten, reviewed, edited, rewritten and now I’m thinking of a new way to write comics scripts using audio recording. The thumbnails have gone through a similar process, changing right up until the final page and sometimes afterward.

So you would think that it would be good to go right? Not necessarily. Skills grow and taste grows along with them. As your skills grow, you become aware of things that you could do differently.

The key here is finishing. You can’t effectively enact changes until you’ve finished something. You have to be able to hold it up and say “this is done. Now how can I do better next time?” Throughout the process I thought I could make changes as I figured things out. Each page could be a little better. And they were just a little better.

In order to make your work a lot better, however, you have to finish.

So the introduction is done. And it may be redone with my new found level of skill and discernment after I take a break.

After a week you may look back at your work and decide that your skills haven’t advanced to the point that they would be improved by a rework. In that case, you move on. Endless iterations are just as pointless as leaving what could be better.

However, I must say that I worked harder than I ever have on this project so far and I’m proud of the result, no matter how imperfect. It was a different kind of hard work. I altered my process so that I could use my mind the whole time, rather than just grunt work churning out pages. But that’s a topic for another update.

Talk to you again soon!



Woolmancy Update – The Importance of Finishing

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