We’ve accomplished so much!

  • As of this moment, on the night of Nov 15th, you’ve raised over $5,200!
  • You’ve unlocked a reprint of Bellmage, last year’s graphic novel.
  • You’ve unlocked the entire PDF of my first graphic novel that started it all, literally available nowhere else but here. And my Gumroad store, but good luck finding THAT.
  • You even raised Style Quest from the dead… it’s getting a reprint!


And when I say you, I really mean you, even if you haven’t backed the Kickstarter.

You see, you’ve been around. You’ve come to look at my work. You’ve shown even the smallest amount of interest. And that speaks VOLUMES to an artist.

So thank you!




Check the Kickstarter out here

24 Hours Left in the Woolmancy Pre-Order!

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