My name is Abrian and I’m a visual storyteller. I love maps, comics and worlds full of wonder.

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I’m building a world brick-by-brick. I want to explore flora and fauna. I want to explore and chart all the regions. I want to meet the people and record their stories. I want you to come along with me.

Mirin and Big Sheep Lines Web

The first story I’ve come across is one of a young girl named Mirin; a perfectionist weaver’s assistant. You see, even in this modern day and age, these people have kept hand-weaving alive. It’s the height of fashion, in fact, and Mirin is an up-and-coming Pattern Master.  Or she would be, if she didn’t keep over-committing herself just to one-up her rivals. When her latest over-achievement brings her face-to-face with a giant, mythical lightning sheep, her life starts to get a little crazy!

Over the next few months, I’d like to introduce you to Mirin’s corner of this world: the weavery, the myths, the workers. I’d also like to talk about world building and what goes into selling stories like these.

Sound good to you? Me too.



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