I’m excited to announce that the pre-order Kickstarter for Woolmancy launches on October 16th, 2018! To kick this launch off, I wanted to count down 10 kooky things you didn’t know or realize about Woolmancy.

Fact #9 – Hair Down Mirin Didn’t Really Exist

In the final design for Mirin, her hair was always up, until the catalyst that launches her into her quest (aka when her change begins). Of course, silly me decided to change things around and move the chase scene where she loses her hair clip closer to the beginning. Additionally, the chase ends in the rain.

So what was I to do then? I was stuck with a significant amount of time with Mirin in her normal getup, with her hair down. Luckily, I had this sketch. This. One. Sketch. to reference. Thank goodness for exploring around during the design process!

To clarify, there were other sketches from old designs, but none of final Mirin. I was cutting it close!


New to the Woolmancy project? It’s my new graphic novel about a best-friend breakup in a land of magical weavers and lightning sheep!

Here’s a free preview 

Things You Didn’t Know About Woolmancy – 9

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