Day 7 in our 10 day countdown to the Woolmancy pre-order Kickstarter, launching on October 16th, 2018! To kick this launch off, I wanted to count down 10 kooky things you didn’t know or realize about Woolmancy.

Fact #7 – GABUZZ! There are several types of lightning in Woolmancy

We encounter a few different glows and lightning patterns in Woolmancy.

Mirin’s final lightning is a pure white, which is granted to her. Quite magical. Then again, it’s Woolmancy, and we’re dealing with weaving magic and lightning sheep. Speaking of the sheep…

The beta rams often have redder lightning, though this isn’t a rule, as you can find the full range from red, through yellow, into white. White is usually found in the alpha rams.







New to the Woolmancy project? It’s my new graphic novel about a best-friend breakup in a land of magical weavers and lightning sheep!

Things You Didn’t Know About Woolmancy – 7

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