Day 6 in our 10 day countdown to the Woolmancy pre-order Kickstarter, launching on October 16th, 2018! To kick this launch off, I wanted to count down 10 kooky things you didn’t know or realize about Woolmancy.

Fact #6 – Woolmancy has a strict color palette

It’s true, though it doesn’t seem like it. When you start with a limited (and this is a pretty wide set of colors, let’s be honest, but any expansions were blended from the base colors) color palette, you can vary the final appearance of them by overlaying one of the other colors in the palette on top in an interesting way.

Some people just choose to stick to the limited palette without mixing and I someday want to try a full project this way, but I still haven’t made the leap!


New to the Woolmancy project? It’s my new graphic novel about a best-friend breakup in a land of magical weavers and lightning sheep!

Download a free preview now:

Here’s a free preview 

6 Days Left – You didn’t know Woolmancy had a limited palette

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