Day 2 in our 10 day countdown to the Woolmancy pre-order Kickstarter, launching on October 16th, 2018! To kick this launch off, I wanted to count down 10 kooky things you didn’t know or realize about Woolmancy.

Fact #2 – The characters utilize research and libraries in order to solve their problems


I love libraries and books (which is why I insist on offering a print copy of my comics), therefore my characters are equally fond of research in order to find answers.

At one point, we get to see one of the rooms of the weavery’s grand library. You can imagine that this was not my most favorite thing to paint! Nonetheless, ’twas important to me that it be included!




New to the Woolmancy project? It’s my new graphic novel about a best-friend breakup in a land of magical weavers and

lightning sheep!

Download a free preview now:

Here’s a free preview 

2 Days Left!! – Don’t know? Look it up!

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