That’s right all, the day is tomorrow!

I have one more fact for you before we launch: The Bad Guy Doesn’t Matter

So we’ve seen this image throughout the promotion for Woolmancy, right? The main character, Mirin, vs the Monarch of Shadows, Karmin Vas.

Well, not only is this one of those flashy movie trailer moments that doesn’t show you the whole story behind what’s going on in this moment… It’s kind of irrelevant.

As I mentioned before, Woolmancy is a story of the dynamics of friendship over time. I knew, going into writing the final draft of this story, that there had to be a pressing external conflict, but that the real story took place in apologies. Conflict resolution. Letting yourself trust.

That is the heart of Woolmancy.

Stay tuned for the Kickstarter link tomorrow to pre-order a copy.

And, by the way, the first backer at a physical level will score the original artwork for the Woolmancy book plates!

Tomorrow we launch a nerdy, sheepy graphic novel!

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