The Tricon Rugara

The Tricon Rugara is a short one-shot illustrated series, about preparing for a delicious holiday feast. Enjoy here:

Raindrops on Roses

“Every four winters the Supreme Consulate invites dignitaries from around the world to a special dinner. The dinner: The Tricon Rugara.”

Whiskers on Kittens

“Dignitaries from all over the world gather here for the feast. Some of the masters are more exotic than their mounts. Humans and non-humans alike come together for the festivities.”

Bright copper kettles

“Preparation starts early. The guests begin arriving weeks before the dinner. Tea is served twice a day according to custom.”

Warm woolen mittens

“Each staff person is assigned a dignitary family to tend to. All of the dignitaries are pleasant and, often times, the staff is invited along on their dinners and trips. Even later on once they leave, the staff still receives letters and invitations until they return the next year.”

Brown Paper Packages

“Specialty delicacies and preparation tools are delivered by the hour as the staff makes each suite to dazzle it’s occupants. Of course, the staff gets special treats as well as the dignitaries also bring gifts for their attendants.”

Cream-colored Ponies

“There are rides through the countryside most mornings. Guests and staff alike are welcome, providing that their duties have been attended to beforehand.”

Apple Strudel

“The traditional crisps are baked with care and enjoyed by guests and staff alike. In fact, the staff has the better selection since they can bake them just the way they like with a few extra spices and treats.”


“We hang the bells that were crafted just for this event. They serve as doorbells, call bells… Really we hang them for any reason we can think of to display our treasured bells.”

Sleigh bells

“Sleighs are actually used less for travel and diversion, but more for the hauling of goods. Still, during the Tricon Rugara, they are ornamented with bells and trimmings to delight the eye.”

Schnitzel with noodles

“Winters are cold here in the mountains, so our meals are often hearty. We go through a variety of pounded meats and noodles, sometimes exotic, but often we use nostalgic comfort food recipes .”

Wild geese

“We gather to watch the migration of the geese. Of all the exotic birds that are native to this area, it is the common goose that becomes majestic and magical on this special occasion.”

Girls in white dresses with blue satin sashes

“The best night is the night of the ballet. The dancers prepare for most of the year for this special performance. They always make sure it’s a fun display, and they enjoy performing as much as we enjoy


“Even the snow is magical at this time of year. Which is funny since we spend about six months of our lives in the snow!”

Silver white winters

“Time will roll on. We will have our feast, the dignitaries will go home, spring will come. But for now, we will take in this wondrous occasion and be merry.”