New in the Shop: Press-Ready

I’m happy to announce a new item in the shop!

Press-Ready is the compilation of 31 informational articles on the process of making books and getting them ready for print.

In this 68-page PDF, we cover:

– Why you should or shouldn’t become a publisher
– Branding your work
– Quick chat about the legalities of becoming a business
– Editors
– An efficient writing method
– ISBN, UPC, LCCN, etc.
-Choosing printers
– Print-on-Demand
– Making a production time table
– Book feel
– Paper selections
– Helpful software
– Elements of book interiors
– Copyright pages
– Pre-press markup

And more!

This book actually comes with a bundle, including the slides from my most popular pre-press talk and the breakdown of running my first Kickstarter and achieving success.

Have a look at the shop listing


Pssst, want more pre-press goodies? Here’s a free pre-press checklist

Press-Ready Free Post Roundup

We’ve been chatting about making books and getting them ready for print over on Patreon this month. The first week was totally free to the public and the rest of the month (minus maybe a post or two) will be for patrons. You can access them for just a $1 pledge!

Here are the posts that will be on my page for free as long as Patreon is around:

Day 1 – Why You Should Become a Publisher
Day 2 – Reasons Not to Publish Your Own Books
Day 3 – Branding Your Publishing House
Day 4 – The Legalities of Being Your Own Business
Day 5 – Do you need an editor?
Day 6 – The spreadsheet method of comic writing – Complete with a live demo!
Day 7 – ISBN, UPC, LCCN… What do you really need

Hopefully these posts and resource links will bring you closer to printing your own books!


Press-Ready Banner

After years of writing and handbookbinding, I knew that my love for creating books would carry on throughout my lifetime. In 2013, I decided to try my hand at having a sketch book printed on demand. It shall not see the light of day. In 2014, I put together a short graphic novel and tried printing again. This book was Style Quest. Riding this success, I produced and crowdfunded the printing of my most recent book Bellmage.

Now, as I prepare for another book release later this year, I’d like to share what I’ve learned about publishing and preparing your book for print. This series will run on Patreon: a space where people who enjoy my work and my brand can help support the creation of more books. I believe in making information available to everyone, so the first week of these posts will be free to the public.

Today’s topic is why: Why producing and publishing your own books is a great idea. Read here.

Feel free to leave comments, questions or request topics for later on in the month!