I’m not the greatest with expressing my thoughts with words, but my patrons on Patreon are some of the best people around. Kind, generous and ready to support me however they can. Even if it’s just a retweet! Thank you, all!

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So much gratitude to share!

Coming Up This Month at the Trading Post

First off, some news, Press-Ready Days 8-31 have gone poof! They are no longer available, as promised. The ebook is almost entirely put together, just need to do a few more posts and proof reading. There’s a chance of a live Q&A later in the month. I also put together a 5-question quiz to see what kind of publishing you should go for:
Apprentices! You’ll be getting 9+ pages of Woolmancy – Silent Edition, breaking down the process, thoughts and Easter eggs behind each page.
Journeyers, you’ll get 1+ process videos in addition to that! There are a few really long ones coming up, and I’ll be doing a bit of voice over, talking about painting rain.
Colleagues, with all of that, you will also receive a digital download of Press-Ready!
Masters, the next print will be out at the end of June!
In other news, I may be adding another tier for those who want to do one-on-one mentoring calls with me! News on that later.
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Patreon Logo

I added a new button to my social media bar in the site header. I haven’t spoken about money here because that’s not the point of this site! I want to share my world and stories with you and encourage you to do the same.

But I do have a Patreon account! Patrons receive a backstage look into my processes, inspirational resources, videos and advanced looks at my projects. If you find my writing helpful and have the means to lend me your financial support, awesome. If you can’t afford to support me financially, kind words work well too 🙂

Also, if monthly donation isn’t your thing, I have a PayPal.me account so you can just throw the odd tip at me.