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Bellmap (n) /bel/map/ – 1. A pictorial wayfinding device carved into a chiming object 2. A chiming object shaped like a pictorial wayfinding device 3. A legendary object capable of making visible the path to a certain destination. The activation of aforementioned power depends on the specific bell 4. The carrier of the power to make paths to certain destinations visible. Carrier may imply the holding of the bell or actual supernatural workings.

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The Crystal Bell Forest is an interesting between land. Like the trading post that is also set along the border between Rialan and the mountains of Atur. The people residing there however… well they’re oft forgotten. Most Rialanites are surprised to find that there are communities set among the mountain forests. What is not forgotten, however are the craftsmen of bells. It is not only a long-standing legend, but the people of Atur revere their bellmaking. Their bells are of the highest quality.