Things You Didn’t Know About Woolmancy – 8

Day 8 in our 10 day countdown to the Woolmancy pre-order Kickstarter, launching on October 16th, 2018! To kick this launch off, I wanted to count down 10 kooky things you didn’t know or realize about Woolmancy.

Fact #8 – This math isn’t correct… but I’m correcting it now.

Mirin is the analytical main character of Woolmancy. Pictured above is a Minotaur. They interact in a forceful way, and Mirin, not wanting to become a splatter pattern, calculates whether her nutty idea will work. 

The truth is, and you’ll have to read to know why, this problem is a little more complex than I’d imagined, so I have a team of mathematicians working through it with me! I’m a total STEAM nerd, but it’s been a while since I’ve worked through equations of my own.

The answer will be included in the endnotes of Woolmancy.


New to the Woolmancy project? It’s my new graphic novel about a best-friend breakup in a land of magical weavers and lightning sheep!