Seeking Space Rocks Commemorative Map


In the Spring of 2019, I had the honor of sailing with the Schmidt Ocean Institute aboard the R/V Falkor, as their Artist-in-Residence. The cruise (FK190529) was Seeking Space Rocks; the mission, to look for and retrieve meteorites that had landed a year previous, near the Quinault Canyon. My task was to create an illustrated map, highlighting features of the bathymetry (the study of the beds of ocean, lakes, etc.) and things we encountered along the way.

This commemorative illustration of the trip and its encounters was given to the crew and science team. Only 100 were printed for the public, so get them while you can!

Unfortunately, due to tube shipping costs, I cannot ship this product internationally at this time. Please message me if you’re an international customer, and we can discuss your options.

In stock



– 19″ x 24″

– Uncoated matte paper

– Single-sided


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