Notes, Vol. 1 – Seeking Space Rocks – Digital


In the Spring of 2019, I had the honor of sailing with the Schmidt Ocean Institute aboard the R/V Falkor, as their Artist-in-Residence. The cruise (FK190529) was Seeking Space Rocks; the mission, to look for and retrieve meteorites that had landed a year previous, near the Quinault Canyon. My task was to create an illustrated map, highlighting features of the bathymetry (the study of the beds of ocean, lakes, etc.) and things we encountered along the way.

Needless to say, I had so many experiences, and took so many notes, that I couldn’t decide how I wanted to share it all with you. So I decided to lay out some tips based on what I learned on the high seas!

In this non-fiction travel journal, I cover: packing, combating seasickness, learning names, finding your way around a ship (with maps!), getting into a top berth (bunk bed), sleeping (or not, in some cases), how to haul food aboard, eating abroad with food allergies… and much more!

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– Digital download of all 44 pages of the book in a PDF


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