In today’s countdown to my nautical travel journal pre-order, the random trivia bit is… okay, not about the sea specifically, but about water. Water BEARS, naturally!

Tardigrades (moss piglets, waterbears), are quite odd. They’re not closely related to anything else on earth. They’re not quite microscopic, but quite translucent, so spotting them among the moss of your terrarium is quite tricky.  Though they can withstand extreme conditions, and can be found living anywhere on earth, they don’t prefer these habitats, so they’re not quite extremophiles, and certainly not immortal. They have digestive systems, lay eggs, and those two little dots found on some of them are single photoreceptive cells. Basically eyes!

Gotta love these lil’ dudes.

I’ve complied all sorts of random facts and experiences I encountered during my artist’s residency aboard Schmidt Ocean Institute’s Research Vessel Falkor, into a 36-page travel journal! Get a free PDF sampler of the upcoming travel journal right here:

8-page Notes Volume 1 Preview!

Notes Vol. 1 – Countdown Day 6

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