In today’s countdown to my nautical travel journal pre-order, the random trivia is about biofluorescent sea creatures!

Bioluminescence is when an organism produces and gives off light. Fireflies, some fungi, some sea jellies, many deep sea creatures… It’s everywhere, and often blue, but not always.

But I recently learned about biofluoresence: an organism absorbs light and re-emits it in a different color. The sea creatures that have this glow-in-the dark feature, seem to dwell in a particular layer of the sea, that isn’t quite in the traditional “deep sea” zone, and they range from chain catsharks, to some turtles, to some seahorses and rays! I keep using the word “some” because it doesn’t seem to be all varieties, like the catshark, for example.

This is a relatively new set of studies, so I’ll let this great TED presentation do the talking for me:

Glow-in-the-dark sharks and other stunning sea creatures | David Gruber


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Notes Vol. 1 – Countdown Day 5

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