There are just 2 days left until my nautical travel journal is available for pre-order! Today I present a platter of muck: The continental shelf.

I can only personally speak to my experience off the coast of Washington State, USA, but contentment shelves in general are formed (were formed) by the sediment from river systems building up over time, as well as ancient sedimentary processes. Some of the shelves were also thought to be above sea level at some point in the past. The depositing of sediment over time means that continental shelves, especially as you get out toward their drop off (shelf break) are starkly flat.


Now, as they are mostly covered by shallow water, shelves play host to an enormous amount of wildlife, especially closer to shore. It’s where most humans play and boat and kayak. It’s just horrible for making maps!


I’ve complied all sorts of experiences I encountered during my artist’s residency aboard Schmidt Ocean Institute’s Research Vessel Falkor, into a 36-page travel journal! Get a free PDF sampler of the upcoming travel journal right here:

8-page Notes Volume 1 Preview!

Notes Vol. 1 – Countdown Day 2

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