Your World is a Good Idea

I will be posting some more visual development stuff soon, but another thought came to mind as I was editing my script for Woolmancy. 

The idea you have isn’t silly. Even if it’s been done or doesn’t seem like it’s wrestling with world-changing concepts! I always feel somewhat ashamed of my ideas or names or plots because they’re usually very light-hearted. But let’s take a look at what happened to Woolmancy over time.

The initial idea for Woolmancy was a girl who was too focused on logic, to the point that she set off to prove a mythical creature existed just because it statistically could.

So I asked why (at some point my editor asked why. Get an editor people. They are beautifully helpful). Why is Mirin so logical? Then why would anyone be overly logical? Then why would that be a bad thing? What are the possible consequences outside of thinking?

And finally I asked: what’s the worst that could happen? Ah there’s the magic.

After this series of questions, my story purpose shifted from an empty cautionary tale about balancing logic and creativity, to a story about trust, fear, and bonds. But the plot idea is still the same! Mythical lightning sheep and even a few more jokes have crept in.

Does that still sound like a silly story? Not really. In fact, it was so startling and so fitting to my own life that I had to pause and wonder if I could pull off creating it!

By the way, if you’re afraid to produce your story, chances are that it’s the one you should be writing. Not only that, but if you’re afraid that it’s silly, I’d be willing to bet that there’s a greater purpose lurking beneath the surface.

Till next time.


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I’m a Visual Storyteller and Cartographer. I create graphic novels for creators who don’t quite feel like they belong where they are, but know they must belong somewhere. I give them quietly curious worlds to escape into and explore, inspiring imagination through tales of ancient magic, enemies-to-best friends relationships and pure fun.

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