An Update!

I haven’t been able to do much mapping lately, but I did finally get to dig into the Polynesian Voyaging Society’s information a bit more, and put together images of Hawaiian star lines, while I watched the night sky on my last expedition. This is information that I’ve been keen to discuss in Star Math: Night Mode (if you recall, Star Math is my impromptu blog series about navigation, that I started back when I was freelancing full time).

I’m known for deciding on a project and following through all the way to the end, one at a time. I’m also known for taking on too many projects at once and overworking. It’s been a hard see-saw over a decade or so, figuring out how I truly work best and what brings my body and mind happiness.

In the last year I:

– made a pitch in total secret (minus sharing with my patrons on Patreon)
– took one client at a time, and scheduling projects by season, rather than doubling them up
– haven’t been running blog/social media/Patreon series, but have maintained my monthly list of curious things
– went on expeditions to the middle of the ocean, some expected and some unexpected
– discovered The Zebra Club exercises that make my body feel more relaxed… and realized how much pain I’ve been in
– tried cycling through client work on step each day when it did bunch up, rather than completing one at a time
– dove into the advantages and disadvantages of different working styles (I seem to be tridoshic, which is hilariously unhelpful)
– agreed to start teaching tai chi again under strict criteria (really not into teaching at night!)
– started reading a little more, and got back into reading comics (irony)
– found a set of rendering decisions that I’m enjoying working in
– and more!

So this year (I know it’s halfway through the year, let’s roll with it) I’m switching things up.

Micro Year

I’ve decided to do some micro projects. In the past, I’d make a branded, scheduled series, announce it everywhere, and be incredibly consistent because that’s what gets you followers. What it got me was tired (and like two new followers). But I’ve long stopped caring about my metrics. I know people like my work, so I don’t need the validation, and hopefully I’ll net a publisher that can reach many more people than I would have to try to, in order to “sell enough units.” So here’s what we’re doing:

I’m going to launch some small things, linked together by hashtag or post grouping, depending on the platform. I’ll announce them when they start and add to the series as I can, or as I discover things. Down the road, if there’s enough to collect into a book, zine, flowchart, whatever, then I’ll collect them.

It’s all about creating fun things that bring me joy, that I can share to bring you joy too.

Keep an eye out for the fun!

Abrian C

I’m a Visual Storyteller and Cartographer. I create graphic novels for creators who don’t quite feel like they belong where they are, but know they must belong somewhere. I give them quietly curious worlds to escape into and explore, inspiring imagination through tales of ancient magic, enemies-to-best friends relationships and pure fun.

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