May Update!

In the interest of making a quick read for you here, I’ve kept things brief. If you’d like more details about the things I’ve run across, or detailed art chat, feel free to click through to the free Patreon post:

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I’ve been taking some pushed back deadlines to actually take a break. As a creator we… well, create! But it’s actually important to make time for consumption too: Movies, music, books, nature, new skills… Living life is the fuel for creation.

So what have I consumed?

I’ve finished reading one of the Throne of Glass novels (fun reads, but not in my top 10 recommendation pile), and watched a few shows. My whole family has gotten invested in the K-Drama Dr. Cha, and I’m finally a Gundam convert, enjoying the puzzle that is The Witch from Mercury. The main character hits a little too close to home with her social awkwardness, let me tell you.

Oh, and though I have a kid-friendly brand, none of those pieces of media are fully suitable for kids. Maybe teens though.


Some cool stuff:

1. Ahoy-hoy! The original telephone greeting

2. Tenrecs The soaked-hedgehog-meets-Pikachu appearance isn’t the only thing that’s strange about these, beady-eyed little fellows

3. Nüshu – China’s ancient female-only language


I go into a LOT more detail about each of the lovely things I discovered this month, as well as showing more illustrations in this month’s free Patreon post:

Patreon – Blue Cat Co


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