A Few Delightful Things – March

Waking Up From Winter

A short one this month! My social hibernation has ended with a stressful trip to the car dealership, BUT I’ve been having a great month.

There aren’t many fancy drawings to accompany this one, but I do go into a bit more rambling over on my Patreon page (don’t worry, there’s nothing to sign up for, just a different format!):

Patreon – Blue Cat Co


A Charming Broach

The Cat Embroidery Museum 

Okay, this one has some levels. Embroidery artist MINAMI, takes classic art pieces, re-envisions them with cats as the subjects, then creates embroidered broaches from those images! I found a website, though most of the artist’s work is on their Instagram page.



Introvirtuous – A hilarious term that is entirely too fitting for me! Found on Twitter:


Let’s SUMO!

Originally a 1992 film of the same name, Sumo Do, Sumo Don’t (2022) is a Japanese TV show about a young guy with low motivation, who ends up having to participate in his college’s sumo club, run by a highly motivated girl who is lacking in social understanding. It’s quite a fun series that doesn’t (really) take the romantic bend that you’d imagine from that summary. Even if you start out knowing nothing about sumo, it’s easy to soon be cheering for your favorite team to win! It’s also a short and sweet series, all wrapped up in a season. Currently available on Disney+

Sumo Do, Sumo Don’t 

Until next time,



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