A Few Delightful Things – February


I’ve been really delving into personal projects this month, but I have kept an ear out for fun curiosities! I keep it short here, listing out awesome information, entertainment and resources for you to explore. 

If you want my extended ramblings about each item, as well as illustrations, info about upcoming projects I’m working on and the tools I’m using, you can click through to the full post, free on Patreon:

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Now here’s a few things that I’ve come across this past month that delight me:


Yokai Mania

Have I talked about ONI?




ONI: Thunder God’s Tale is BEAUTIFUL. Literally every aspect of this limited series is carefully crafted with so much love. Great for adults and kids, which isn’t common. I’d love to talk about the overarching theme, but I don’t want to spoil the climax. If you’re on the fence, it’s a short series, so I’d give it a shot!


Reading Machine

I often have a desk full of different books splayed out while I’m working, so this 16th C book reading machine would be right up my alley… if I had the floor space for a 600lb wooden wheel:

Atlas Obsucra – How Students Built a 16th-Century Engineer’s Book-Reading Machine


Condiments Abound

I listen to a lot of information each day. Some of it is about art, but a lot of it is weird history, science, and criminal psychology. Just for fun. One of my favorites from this week is about ketchup, of all things!



Baking Up A Storm

I’ve been doing a bit of baking, thanks to a new book! Food allergies make it tricky to experiment with fun foods in a successful manner, but science helps. There are increasingly more resources and vetted recipes for people with food limitations, and I’m currently enjoying Katarina Cermelj’s baking book, Baked to Perfection:

Baked to Perfection – Book

The Loopy Whisk – Blog and Recipe Website



Creative Insight

A shout out to my pal Tori Sharp, who is starting to make videos again! She’s both a graphic novelist and an agent, so I always appreciate her insights into creative life.

YouTube Channel – Tori Sharp

Until next time!

Abrian C

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