April Update!

We’re flipping the format this month! I’m trying to make a quicker read for you here, and if you’d like more details about the things I’ve run across, or detailed art chat, feel free to click through to the free Patreon post:

Patreon – Blue Cat Co

This month has been all about holding the guardrails that I’ve set up, in order to not overdo things. Not taking extra shifts at work, not scheduling many (*ahem* any) hangouts, not taking on extra teaching jobs, etc., while reveling in recharge time; visiting new shops, going for walks… It’s been great! But guarding that time has been tough. I’ve learned how to say “no” after a lifetime of saying “yes,” but not backing down in the face of the pressure to help (like taking an extra shift when we’re short at work) is a struggle!

However, my main priority over the next while is sustainably researching and preparing for my spring expedition, where I’m expected to mentor undergrads on how to effectively communicate. The problem is… This isn’t something that I formally learned how to do! It’s just been trial and error. So I’ve had to research may lovely things. 


Here are some of the things I ran across while I was supposed to be learning about knowledge management, hehe:


1 – JustSketch.me – A non-laggy website that even allows for the manipulation of the figure’s fingers, which I imagine will come in very handy for odd angled shots of characters using sign language!

2 – Carwyn Ellis & Rio 18 – Y Ferch Ar Y Cei – A lovely, wordless song with a dreamy 70’s vibe that I find very relaxing.

3 – A Blenny! – Ecsenius yaeyamaensis is… just a happy lil’ fish!


But what about art?

I’ll tell you about art! I’ve… been drawing less than usual. It seems I can either write or work in my sketchbook, but not really both! I did, however, take some time to mess around with color on a JANUS page that was already drawn (shown above). Coloring is not one of my strong suits, especially with loosely drawn backgrounds like this one, but I learned a few things, which is great! I’m not officially producing this comic yet, so I get to just play around here and there, as I have time. 

I go into a bit more detail about each of the lovely things I discovered this month, as well as a long explanation of how I selected some of the colors for this page in this month’s free Patreon post:


Patreon – Blue Cat Co

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