I thought I’d feature the dark side of Woolmancy today. Karmin-ji are the minions of Karmin-vas, the Monarch of Shadows. The are released in the mid-phase of opening the portal to Dreamworld as a precursor to Karmin-vas. The portal itself is opened by weaving a specific shadow weave patterned cloth.

Didn’t know Woolmancy was about that, didja? Stick around, we’re about to go on a wild journey!

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Woolmancy – Silent Edition

We’re up to page 17 in my webcomic serialization of Woolmancy without speech balloons. For each page I talk about the creation, challenges, roadblocks, and hidden messages featured. It’s great fun!

Check the webcomic out here




One last thing… have you seen my free pre-printing book checklist? It’s editable, so you can change it to suit your project.

Download it here

Most Featured Character – Week 6

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