Mapping the Reserve – Illustrated Map

After surveying this location over the summer, using 15th century technology, I was finally able to take the data and make the final illustrated map! For those cartographers in the crowd, I was basing my restrictions on world maps of the time, which would have little to no capacity for pinpointing the coordinates for non-land-based sightings, resulting in projectionless maps. Therefore these are raw measurements! I do have a basemap, upon which I built the illustration.

The trick with a forested trail is that, if I were to show the density of the tree cover, you’d not be able to see the trail, unless I used transparency, like an architectural drawing. Though that idea wasn’t off the table, I wanted this to be a much warmer rendering, showcasing the natural element of the place.

It was a fun project, and I’d definitely like to pick another place to visit and map some time!

Abrian C

I’m a Visual Storyteller and Cartographer. I create graphic novels for creators who don’t quite feel like they belong where they are, but know they must belong somewhere. I give them quietly curious worlds to escape into and explore, inspiring imagination through tales of ancient magic, enemies-to-best friends relationships and pure fun.

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