Take Care of Yourself

As you can see, I’m having a bit of upper respiratory trouble this week! I’d like to take this opportunity to step in and speak about being gentle with yourself.


Everyone loves a good training montage. We get to see the hero pushing their bodies to the limit each day and eventually meeting their goals. We even make peace with the fact that it will take a while and that we’ll have to work hard.

What no one talks about is the fact that you don’t get steadily better. At all.

One day you’ll be doing 50 push ups and the next day you get up and you’ll only be able to do 10. And the next day you’re even worse. Improvement isn’t steady by a long shot. You’re going to spend most of your training time being absolutely awful.

Which makes you wonder… If you’re going to spend a great heap of the time failing… Why beat yourself up? Why not take the path gently and take the progress as it comes?

Give yourself time to heal and absorb the knowledge you gather. Take the path slowly but keep moving forward. Progress doesn’t have to be a constant torture. Sure it’s hard to learn new things, but be patient with yourself and your body as we head into a new year and toward accomplishing our goals.

Abrian C

I’m a Visual Storyteller and Cartographer. I create graphic novels for creators who don’t quite feel like they belong where they are, but know they must belong somewhere. I give them quietly curious worlds to escape into and explore, inspiring imagination through tales of ancient magic, enemies-to-best friends relationships and pure fun.

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