57 of 365 – The Gates Pt 32


“Many years have passed since the day Harat took the Phoenix Tree’s bag from me and dropped it into a portal that spit fire, but I can still hear the screech of rage as it burned. I was sent home then. Quite literally, the portal Harat opened dropped me right inside my kitchen. The portal exit left a seal on the wall, forever reminding me of my journey.

What was the point of that trek I took from the fields of my childhood play into fantastical land beyond? Some lessons like not judging someone by their first impression come to mind, but I was right in sensing that Harat could rip me to shreds. Perhaps the lesson here is that some experiences are just meant to provide a good story. The world needs more stories anyway right?

And so ends my tale.”

~Excerpt from A Traveler’s Journey

56 of 365 – The Gates Pt 31


“The beast descended from his portal, walking down steps of clouds to rest upon his throne at the head of the room. He studied me for a moment, his expression shifting from second to second.  He bowed slightly and spoke the words that he’d orated to travelers decades before and would continue to repeat for decades after: “I am Harat the Protector.” His deep voice rolled over the room, gentle and dangerous. “Guardian of Gateland,” he continued, “Sovereign of the Wanderer, Saint of the Lost. Helper of the Endangered. The Fierce Warrior. Who. Are. You?”

I was in awe. His magnificence radiated in front of the ornate glass that encased his throne room. Of course, I told him I was only a person chasing my wonder.”

~Excerpt from A Traveler’s Journey

54 of 365 – The Gates Pt 29


“The beast threw me among the sea of doors. I scrabbled across the cosmos like atmosphere and flung myself into the nearest door I could amidst his howls of rage. Stumbling into the crystal cave, I realized that I had uncovered a deep, ancient and evil. As the beast sacked me from behind, the creature shifted, it’s enormous frame sending tremors through the earth. Of course, I only caught a glimpse as I was hauled away, but I saw a broken sword in it’s skull. It seemed to lock the creature into an eternal sleep.”

~Excerpt from A Traveler’s Journey

52 of 365 – The Gates Pt 27


“I’m still not sure if the Phoenix Bird can read minds. Maybe it was tracking me through the special bag it gave me. Either way it snatched me and grape without warning. I could feel the bite of it’s winter, the branches snaring like claws. It told me in no uncertain terms that I would be finishing the collection of the necessary items, and I decided it would be wise to obey.”

~Excerpt from A Traveler’s Journey

51 of 365 – The Gates Pt 26


“Forget the Phoenix Tree. I had grape now. We were going to strike out on our own, me and grape. We didn’t know where we were, but we were going to figure our way home from this place. For a few blissful moments, I thought life was good. Why wouldn’t it be? I had a crunchy grape the size of my head. Just what I’ve always wanted.”

~Excerpt from A Traveler’s Journey

50 of 365 – The Gates Pt 25


“The Phoenix Bird told me exactly what to do, but I think I was still riding the adrenaline high from the near-death experience in the Lightswitch compound. I climbed up the table, strode boldly into the middle and politely asked for a piece of food to take back to the Phoenix Bird. I mean, why not? Honesty is often the best policy.”

~Excerpt from A Traveler’s Journey

49 of 365 – The Gates Pt 24


“I crouched in the bushes as the giants took in their meal. If you were to have been seated between The Bronzesmith and The Wayfinder, and turned suddenly in your chair to face the foliage, perhaps dropping on your hands and knees by some odd inclination, you would have easily spotted me among the foliage. This is all to say that I was very well hidden in my opinion, waiting for my moment…”

~Excerpt from A Traveler’s Journey