132 of 365 – Master Stones

Keepers have the ability to store memories and energy into stones. Contrary to common thought, the large, pure gemstones are often used by the more inexperienced Keepers. The highest masters don’t need very much raw gem material to work with, therefore their stones are either very small, or they are gem mixed with average rock. Unfortunately, that means the craft has a high entry-level cost.

117 of 365 – Magic Bones

“The legend of the dancing bones is different in every region, but there’s a general agreement that somewhere lies as stone that encases the fossilized fin bones of a miniature whale. Combined with a particular incantation, supposedly held in a different location, one would be able to call dancing bones from the sky. I’m aware that little of this statement feels like it holds true, not to mention that the practicality of such a spell seems slight. Nevertheless, it is a popular legend among the people of Kanvala.”

-Excerpt from Diaries of a Myth Researcher

25 of 365 – Mysterious Topography

Journey Day 25.jpg

The landscape of this region is exceedingly puzzling. The topography is as you’d expect with a coastal area sloping up to rocky mountains that eventually reach an altitude that can receive snow. There’s a large forested area and even a very dry, desert patch due to rain shadow.

The odd part is the reports I get. I’ve heard of someone walking through a valley in the coastal region and ending up on a very tall, dry mountainscape. Or a dark and gloomy area that stretches for miles, flat in all directions that I have yet to locate. In fact, the entry point seems to be a particular valley. I must research this mysterious place…

~Geological Surveys of Section XVII