Food Tour – Day 4

“The Bergamot orange is a revered delicacy in all of Kanvala, as it is grown only in Mierat… specifically in the Earl of Bergamot’s orchard. Because they’ve kind of cornered the market on Bergamot. And by kind of, I mean they’ve totally monopolized the crops. I’m not into politics, but there must be a reason why Regan Holdana won’t bust the House of Bergamot…

Anyway, aside from it’s use in brewing a mean cup of Earl Grey tea, the fruit gives a nice tangy twist to a hearty Mieratan stew.”

~Editor’s Note: There’s a reason the phrase “Beware the Bergamot” is heard frequently in Mierat.

Food Tour – Day 2

“Our first stop is in Mierat, my home town. We’re known for our handcrafted teas. Actually, tea is so precious here, that it can still be used as a viable form of currency. So brew yourself a cuppa and hang on for tomorrow’s treat.”

~Editor’s note: I’ve never tried this blend, but as it is winter here, I’ll be giving it a whirl!

Here’s the process video:

130 of 365 – Fruit Stand

The piplan grows much like a giant grape vine. It’s close cousin the veratine is similar in taste but covered in a fluffy coating that is often peeled off before eating, but doesn’t have to be. The two fruits are similar enough that when one attempts to grow veratines, the plant may end up producing piplan instead. It’s a small gamble.