130 of 365 – Fruit Stand

The piplan grows much like a giant grape vine. It’s close cousin the veratine is similar in taste but covered in a fluffy coating that is often peeled off before eating, but doesn’t have to be. The two fruits are similar enough that when one attempts to grow veratines, the plant may end up producing piplan instead. It’s a small gamble.

123 of 365 – Sky Dragon

Though often classified as Mythical, sky dragons are very real creatures who inhabit the sky. Because they are translucent, they can only be seen if you’re in the sky. So they’re really only known to people who inhabit the mountainous region of Atur and, more specifically, the sky sailors.

Incredibly friendly, these creatures loll about through the sky, riding the wind. Unfortunately, due to their size, they bring the same dangers as whales do to sea sailors. They love getting close to airships, bringing the risk of tipping them over.

33 of 365 – The Gates Pt 8


“…Spring was here. And it had never felt so menacing. I feared for my life, but I could also hear the guttural roar of a beast behind me. Was it the same one from before? The Phoenix Tree spoke in a way I could never describe, and I knew the choice if offered was either the hard place, or the rock.”

~Excerpt from A Traveler’s Journey

19 of 365 – Kelp


Kelp – Standard variety

I haven’t dug into the undersea agriculture of this region yet. In my limited imaginings, I’d assume that it consists of many varieties of kelp and some sea melons. There is the Corrungus Forest, but respect for nature and the tardigrades would surely prevent the cutting down of any of the fungi there.