“Many years have passed since the day Harat took the Phoenix Tree’s bag from me and dropped it into a portal that spit fire, but I can still hear the screech of rage as it burned. I was sent home then. Quite literally, the portal Harat opened dropped me right inside my kitchen. The portal exit left a seal on the wall, forever reminding me of my journey.

What was the point of that trek I took from the fields of my childhood play into fantastical land beyond? Some lessons like not judging someone by their first impression come to mind, but I was right in sensing that Harat could rip me to shreds. Perhaps the lesson here is that some experiences are just meant to provide a good story. The world needs more stories anyway right?

And so ends my tale.”

~Excerpt from A Traveler’s Journey

57 of 365 – The Gates Pt 32

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