“The beast descended from his portal, walking down steps of clouds to rest upon his throne at the head of the room. He studied me for a moment, his expression shifting from second to second.  He bowed slightly and spoke the words that he’d orated to travelers decades before and would continue to repeat for decades after: “I am Harat the Protector.” His deep voice rolled over the room, gentle and dangerous. “Guardian of Gateland,” he continued, “Sovereign of the Wanderer, Saint of the Lost. Helper of the Endangered. The Fierce Warrior. Who. Are. You?”

I was in awe. His magnificence radiated in front of the ornate glass that encased his throne room. Of course, I told him I was only a person chasing my wonder.”

~Excerpt from A Traveler’s Journey

56 of 365 – The Gates Pt 31

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