Working on the diagram for the weavery layout. It’s fun planning a murder mystery. I’ve been reading Hayao Miyazaki’s Starting Point. There’s one passage where he talks about creativity happening while you’re creating the idea. But once the theme has been decided, you have to make choices that serve the path you’ve chosen. The time for creativity is over.

I see this idea play out often. This layout had to be redone so that the door placement can serve the mystery plot. And even beyond that, I had to think of a reason why one door would be used and not the other.

It’s by no means complete of course, seeing that there aren’t any bathrooms for one thing, and it is subject to change, but now I get to doodle some glam shots to show to a friend so she can choose the proper foliage for me.

12 of 365 – Weavery Diagram

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