Sky Captain Imolianus in a rare showing of her shoulder markings

There are many instances of elaborate guild markings. They are permanent due to their time-consuming nature and awarded to those who have put the time and work into their craft to achieve a high degree of honor. Sometimes they are symbolic, sometimes decorative and occasionally completely pictorial and depicting a great feat.

In the case of Sky Captain Imolianus, she claims that they manifested after her fight with a ghost. The story is quite comical, but I doubt the validity. How does one punch a ghost after all?

Another common sight is where a person will have a tattoo in the normal configuration, but it will be filled with an elaborate pattern. Because these tattoos are permanent, the recipient typically goes through a series of oaths vowing to stay true to their guild’s ideals forevermore.

Next time we’ll get into secret tattoos and the dark side of the guilds.

121 of 365 – Elaborate Guild Markings

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