Here we have a collection of guild tattoos and markings.

As you can see, some of them are very representational of their field, some less so. There are also variations within a field depending on your specialization. On the top left, we have a bellmage that works with drone bells, but more specifically with drone map bells. To the right of that, we have a normal clapper bellmage. Below are some of the emblems that could appear on the guild jackets. These have more freedom and can vary by region. To the right is a sampling of a few other professions.

A question was raised about fraud. Couldn’t someone just paint a guild mark on? Well sure. There are a variety of tests to prove a mark genuine, but the easiest is skill. Imagine saying you were an artisan, then being asked to prove it! Guild certification isn’t so impossible that you would be skilled and not granted certification. Unless you were some sort of outlaw… more on that later.

Next we’ll cover hyper elaborate markings and how they are achieved. Stay tuned!

120 of 365 – Guild Symbols

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