Portrait of Dye Master Satski, with a full lower arm guild tattoo

A question was raised about guild tattoos, so I thought we’d take a while and talk about this subject over a few days, starting with general guilds.

I’ve mentioned the guild system many times before, but the guilds of Kanvala are no different than the guilds in most countries: a group of craftsmen or merchants with special benefits that you can join by showing skill and/or for a fee.

In Kanvala, to show that you are guild certified, there is no card, but you are marked by a temporary tattoo. The tattoo is painted on and wears off after a certain number of years. When it wears off, you have the choice to renew your guild status or not. There’s no shame in not renewing or pursuing a career in another field.

We’ll explore the different shapes of tattoos, the darker side of the guild world, tattoo complexity and secondary/secret tattoos.

119 of 365 – Guilds

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