Much is rumored about these beings, but little is confirmed. The tale goes that humans were sequenced to enhance their performance. Many animal mixes were tried, but the tabby cat seemed to produce the best mix of ferocity and obedience to make the perfect soldier.

Time went on of course, and war machines… well they stayed war machines, but now blend into every day life. The rumor goes on to say that most of them have some level of telepathy and can alter their appearance to others, covering up their somewhat slitted pupils and the barcode that runs down the left side of their bodies. Much like the stripes on a cat, earning them the nickname of Cheshires.

That is, if it’s true. It seems rather overblown and much of it has even gotten mixed in with mythos: That Artemis would be the daughter of a Cheshire and the ruler of the seas Poseidon, making her the fastest creature in the sea? That her cousin Arion, demi-queen of one of the regions is the fastest person on earth? I call them urban legends.


10 of 365 – Genetically Modified Humans

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