Woolmancy Update: Serialization

7 pages of Woolmancy were crafted. It was pitched. And in the time it’s been sitting about, waiting for a reply… It has evolved. It has become so much more and so much fun! The image above is a silly sketch, but things have drastically changed inside the story too.

As things progress, Woolmancy will be produced as a book. As much as we enjoy running short stories here, there’s no way we could serialize something so long here on the Blue Cat Co blog. The current thought is that Woolmancy could be serialized on Patreon! More news on that as it comes.

If you want any of the other stories in one collection, see our Gumroad for PDF downloads of the stories we’ve presented here in the past.

In other news, Bellmage will be cleaned up, with an expanded ending, and released as a book as well as The Gates later this year. The Tricon Rugara is a bit short, but may be offered as well.

We will return to worldbuilding posts soon! Our Master Archivist is recovering nicely and should be back in commission any day now.

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