MFC – Week 3

In this batch, we meet the second main character, Satski. She’s the same age as Mirin, but she’s been recently promoted to the rank of Dye Master, noted by her blue arms (not pictured here). She’s the mom friend. Always concerned for others, kind, but she can be stern when necessary.

See past weeks here: MFC Round-up

Woolmancy – Silent Edition

We’re up to page 7 in my webcomic serialization of Woolmancy without speech balloons. For each page I talk about the creation, challenges, roadblocks, and hidden messages featured. It’s great fun!

Check the webcomic out here

MFC – Week 2

In the second batch of pages, we see a lot of the Master Weaver. She’s grumpy and shows no love for the young weaver’s apprentices. At least not outwardly. She’s very much a “tough love” kind of lady, and entrusts young Satski with the responsibility of keeping Mirin out of trouble while Mirin is in charge.

Most Featured Character Game!

I create Woolmancy in five page a week batches. I realized that some characters appear in different frequencies, so I thought I’d do a weekly poll! From now on, each Friday I’ll post the results here and on social media!

Last week’s MFC (Most Featured Character) is protagonist Mirin! As to be expected. Mirin is a workaholic, perfectionist, weaver’s apprentice. She’s stubborn and fearless, but loyal and dedicated to her craft.

Woolmancy Scarf!

I’ve made some super positive changes lately, one of which being to trim down my work time to 40 hours a week, evenings and weekends off. It’s true, I get less work done, but I have more space for a life.

Which I immediately filled with a hobby and working out. What can I say? I love projects!

My first project was to make a scarf to commemorate my current graphic novel Woolmancy. Being that Woolmancy involves lightning sheep, and color gradients, I decided to model the scarf after the main character’s final outfit. It also matches the mock spine layout for the final book.

I’ve started making public, free posts on Patreon again, so feel free to head on over there to see more in-progress images of the scarf, with some explanation.

Woolmancy Scarf – Finishing Process

I wanted to take videos of the process, but it was always the wrong time or I was messing up when I was available to film!



Press-Ready Post Roundup #1

We’ve been chatting about making books and getting them ready for print over on Patreon this month. The first week was totally free to the public and the rest of the month (minus maybe a post or two) will be for patrons. You can access them for just a $1 pledge!

Here are the posts rounded up for you so far:

Day 1 – Why You Should Become a Publisher
Day 2 – Reasons Not to Publish Your Own Books
Day 3 – Branding Your Publishing House
Day 4 – The Legalities of Being Your Own Business
Day 5 – Do you need an editor?
Day 6 – The spreadsheet method of comic writing – Complete with a live demo!
Day 7 – ISBN, UPC, LCCN… What do you really need
Day 8 – Choosing a printer
Day 9 – Print on Demand? Pros and Cons 
Day 10 – Printing Timetables
Day 11 – Book Feel
Day 12 – Paper Choices
Day 13 – Formatting Software
Day 14 – What Goes Into a Book?
Day 15 –  Dissecting the Copyright Page

Hopefully these posts and resource links will bring you closer to printing your own books!

Food Tour – Day 7

So… Kemin’s having some trouble crossing the Aturan border. Despite bribing the border patrol with delicious deep-fried spicy meat rolls, he is stuck in Mierat for the time being. Must be something going on in the nation’s capitol.

Unfortunately, that means our food tour must be delayed until another time.

Stay tuned however, for other goodies!