24 of 365 -Jig Bread


Jig Bread is a delicious pastry. Flaky dough rolled up with just enough layer of mok cream (sweetened with honey and mixed with a bit of cinnamon), it’s left to rise. It’s given a leavening boost and set into a mold while rising, so that it resembles the rolling clouds of the region. They are occasionally dusted with powdered sugar and can be drizzled with maple syrup for a weekend breakfast treat.

17 of 365 – Fish


The marine region, understandably, is very invested in their fish. Every morning you can venture into one of the various markets around town and buy all of the freshest meats and produce the season has to offer. A fish this size would likely be split among multiple families or used for a feast. Something of this size and quality would be appropriate for the royal table as well.

Cheating a bit on this one, this is an old comic panel. But I wanted to feature this fish!