Notes Volume One – Seeking Space Rocks

In Spring 2019, I had the honor of sailing with the Schmidt Ocean Institute aboard the R/V Falkor, as their Artist-in-Residence. The cruise (FK190529) was Seeking Space Rocks; the mission, to look for and retrieve meteorites that had landed a year previous, near the Quinault Canyon.

My task on board, was to create an illustrated map, highlighting features of the bathymetry (the study of the beds of ocean, lakes, etc.) and things we encountered along the way.



Needless to say, I had so many experiences, and took so many notes, that I couldn’t decide how I wanted to share it all with you. So I decided to lay out some tips based on what I learned on the high seas!

I personally feel that we humans benefit from staying curious and engaging with our surroundings. But not everyone can get out and see all that the world has to offer, so I try to bring exploration to your fingertips!


Besides, there are so many things that I learn and encounter… well what good is it to just learn about things? If I don’t share, then I will have learned how to properly shimmy out of a top bunk, for no good reason! I must share these hard-won lessons.

I also want to broaden the broadcast that science communication and visual storytelling go hand-in-hand, and invite more nerdy artists to express their interests with their art.



Want more previews? No problem! Click here to download a few spreads from the book: Notes Vol. 1 Preview