50 of 365 – The Gates Pt 25


“The Phoenix Bird told me exactly what to do, but I think I was still riding the adrenaline high from the near-death experience in the Lightswitch compound. I climbed up the table, strode boldly into the middle and politely asked for a piece of food to take back to the Phoenix Bird. I mean, why not? Honesty is often the best policy.”

~Excerpt from A Traveler’s Journey

49 of 365 – The Gates Pt 24


“I crouched in the bushes as the giants took in their meal. If you were to have been seated between The Bronzesmith and The Wayfinder, and turned suddenly in your chair to face the foliage, perhaps dropping on your hands and knees by some odd inclination, you would have easily spotted me among the foliage. This is all to say that I was very well hidden in my opinion, waiting for my moment…”

~Excerpt from A Traveler’s Journey

24 of 365 -Jig Bread


Jig Bread is a delicious pastry. Flaky dough rolled up with just enough layer of mok cream (sweetened with honey and mixed with a bit of cinnamon), it’s left to rise. It’s given a leavening boost and set into a mold while rising, so that it resembles the rolling clouds of the region. They are occasionally dusted with powdered sugar and can be drizzled with maple syrup for a weekend breakfast treat.