Focus Time

News time!

I love the regular world building features here, but I’ll need to put some extra attention into making full stories this month.

What it means for the blog: Posts will have to slow down a bit for a month or two.

What it means for stories: I will soon be able to bring you a ¬†polished final book for Bellmage! New art and an expanded ending. It will be an ebook and the second printed book published by Blue Cat Co. I will also be hammering Woolmancy into shape. I’m developing the introductory pages for submission purposes, then moving onward from there.

In the meantime, there will be posts here and there! And please feel free to continue to contact me with questions or comments on social media (linked in the header), in the comments section or email

128 of 365 – Legend of Regan Sol

The legend goes that once the sun beast, Heltere, came down from the skies, Regan Sol, the leader of Solidad, stepped forth to take him down. Heltere boasted that he could not be destroyed for his mother, the Sun, would restore him, healing any wound he received almost instantly. Regan Sol, being as stubborn as he, covered her body in a protective spell and took him on. The fight raged on, with Regan Sol eventually scoring a blow that knocked the beast out.

From here the legend varies. Some say they were both destroyed. Another tale goes that Regan Sol did die, but a shard lodged itself in her arm, giving her regenerative power and immortality. Another track of this legend states that Heltere was sealed underground and his occasional shifting in his sleep is the cause of earthquakes.

123 of 365 – Sky Dragon

Though often classified as Mythical, sky dragons are very real creatures who inhabit the sky. Because they are translucent, they can only be seen if you’re in the sky. So they’re really only known to people who inhabit the mountainous region of Atur and, more specifically, the sky sailors.

Incredibly friendly, these creatures loll about through the sky, riding the wind. Unfortunately, due to their size, they bring the same dangers as whales do to sea sailors. They love getting close to airships, bringing the risk of tipping them over.

122 of 365 – Secret Guilds

Starcatcher at work

There are several secret guilds. Vastly more than we’ve ever come across here at blue Cat Co. Though they are typically associated with dark magic, this is not necessarily always the case. Nevertheless, magic in general is a dubious subject in most places, so these guild associations are kept hidden.

These marks can easily be in conjunction with another guild, and are sometimes placed one on top of the other since the secret mark can only be seen when active. What the term “active” means and what makes them glow remains a mystery to us, but we will keep digging and hopefully uncover more of this mystery in time.

121 of 365 – Elaborate Guild Markings

Sky Captain Imolianus in a rare showing of her shoulder markings

There are many instances of elaborate guild markings. They are permanent due to their time-consuming nature and awarded to those who have put the time and work into their craft to achieve a high degree of honor. Sometimes they are symbolic, sometimes decorative and occasionally completely pictorial and depicting a great feat.

In the case of Sky Captain Imolianus, she claims that they manifested after her fight with a ghost. The story is quite comical, but I doubt the validity. How does one punch a ghost after all?

Another common sight is where a person will have a tattoo in the normal configuration, but it will be filled with an elaborate pattern. Because these tattoos are permanent, the recipient typically goes through a series of oaths vowing to stay true to their guild’s ideals forevermore.

Next time we’ll get into secret tattoos and the dark side of the guilds.