Not only are there airships, there are Sky Guards. The Sky Guard is based in the alpine region, naturally, which is also the location of the Imperial City. The Sky Guard, therefore, is not only in charge of policing the airways, but also has a special imperial unit responsible for keeping the royal family safe. Oh, well actually I should explain that there’s more than one royal family… No, no, I’m getting ahead of myself. Back to the Sky Guard.

Of the many legends and war heroes, the most recent to climb the ranks is Captain Imolianus. I’ve mentioned the legend of Modified Humans before, with their super strength, speed, sight… Well Captain Imolianus is not modified in the slightest. She was truly born with Sight Beyond Sight. She can see miles into the distance, with accuracy. There are a few people born with extraordinary gifts, one of the many reasons that I feel there’s a more mystical component that has an influence on this continent.

15 of 365 – Sky Guard

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